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These are 2 of the hundreds of available Buzzzz My Pussy girls.  The brunette is "Little Black" and the blonde is "Blondy4sexy" The actual video streams are super good quality. The above are just some screen captures.

Ok guys here is how it works.

You set up a free account. Yes it's really free there is NO membership fee. Click Here!

You purchase "Tokens" - each token is about $ 0.10 but the more you buy the cheaper they are and from time to time they have these flash sales where you can purchase at a discount. Tokens are sold in packages such as  100, 185, 500 and 1100. 

Log in and start hunting for a pussy to buzz.

To control the girls vibrator look for a model that is in "Buzzmode" Typically you can search for models in "Buzzmode" or simply look for the symbol

When you click on the model and go to her live video stream a temp message will appear that will tell you how many tokens it takes to buzz her vibrator.  When you are ready simply click anywhere on her live video and you will buzz her vibrator.

This can get really fun when there are several guys all on her page taking turns vibrating her pussy.

Many of the girls set a token amount that will start her "show". Her "show" will get her to bear all and let you see everything. The next best thing to being in a private show. Many of the girls also do private group shows. All shows are paid through your tokens and vary from girl to girl.  These girls all set their own token rates to look around. Usually the new girls are cheaper.

Tokens can also be use in "TIP" shows where you tip the model to strip or show you the goods!

Each model sets her Tokens per "TIP" or "Buzz".

In addition to these basic features you can "Favorite" models and set it so you get a text message when she is online and available to play.

There are many other features such as "Fan Club" where you have access to their private nude photos and recorded shows.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to create a free account and purchase your first set of tokens and get to buzzzzing some pussies.


Below is a live free preview - scroll through and see if there is a pussy you would like to buzzzz - when ready click on the girl to get your free account setup!

Don't see the girls images? Then click here!


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